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Well, as I said, That was the way I do it. It's not necessarily the best way for eveyone.

decoy5657: I see your point about, about scratching up the dies, but honestly, I've done thousands of rounds this way, and the only problem I have found is after a while (500 rounds maybe?), the die gets dirty.
Obviously, I don't jam, filthy cases (mud, dirt, rocks, small animal carcasses) up in the dies, but if it's just powder residue, I do.
I just spray it out with a can of carburetor cleaner, and it's good as new.
Does it wear the dies prematurely? I don't know, it probably does, but as of yet, I haven't seen any problems.

Anyway, these are all good methods, Kayser, from experienced loaders, I'm sure you can come up with your own "style" from all the suggestions.
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