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I also have been using Titegroup in .38 but found that 3.0 with 148 HBWC is about as accurate as you can get.I did find when I went over 3.5 of Titegroup the HBWC would split in two (not all the time).Shoot once have two holes.In my .45 colt been using 6.0 it looks like there isn't anything in it.I also use Winchester 231 3.7grains is a nice load with 148 HBWC or even 158 SWC.But the biggest reason I stay with titegroup it's clean burning.But with the 158 SWC I have yet found a load I like with Titegroup so been stay with W231. The other day on the 18 yard range I shot 50 of the titegroup HBWC and 50 of W231 HBWC saw no difference.
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