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I just saw a replay of the article on CNN. When the seller and buyer walked out of the house with the gun, it was not the reporter that bought the gun. The reporter wasn't in the picture. The reporter handled a rifle case on an airport luggage conveyer, but apparently didn't actually go anywhere with the 50 cal. The reporter at the end of the story made it clear that the gun was bought in Texas by a resident of Texas (which was not the reporter).

So, nothing illegal was done, but the story as presented was a lie, implying that the reporter flew home with the rifle. In fact, the rifle stayed in Texas, and the purchaser was not the reporter. From the Michael Moore school of journalism.

tyme, when Sarah Brady bought a rifle for her son, that was legal, and still is legal. You are allowed to purchase a gun which is intended as a gift. A gift is not a straw purchase. Some states may be more restrictive, but she broke no federal rule. It would only be illegal if she knew that her son was not allowed to have a gun, if he was convicted of a felony, for example. Sarah may not be real popular on this board, but she's only guilty of irony.

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