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I think that my Richard Lee manual is the 1st edition. I honestly can not say that for sure though. It is lying here beside me on the computer desk, because I have posted several loads out of it on here the last few days. All it says on the cover is MODERN RELOADING by RICHARD LEE It does not say which volume it is. Like you I got it in a LEE starter kit. it was not the aniversary kit though. That kit came out 2 or 3 years after I purchased my kit. Also it just recomends that load as a generic load for 180 grain JSP bullets not specificaly the XTP. The manual that I got the hotter loads out of specificaly meantions the XTP. It's a manual the TC put together for the Contender, and Encore. ruger Redhawk, and Blackhawk are suposedly the only 2 wheel guns that will handle the loads that they reccomend, and they are quite clear about that in the manual.
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