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Mall Ninja of the highest order huh???

I'm just saying, that personally, I never used an M16/M4 series rifle in combat. I know the whole "every Marine is a rifleman" thing, OK. I know the '16, I had to qualify on it, but am personally not a huge fan. I wasn't one of the Marines you'd see on FOX News or CNN, breaching a door to some mudhut before filing in to raid the place, or those boys seen locking and loading their M16s before standing up over that parapet and blasting away at some off-camera ragheads(you've all seen the footage playing over and over and over again!). For the most part, the only gun I was behind was the 120mm on an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, handling the "Silver Bullets." I know Marines who carried captured AK-47s and the like into combat, it was generally frowned upon, but they did because those 47s might have suited their needs better than an M16, just as that P90 suited my needs. Upon first going into Iraq, some of us young kids heard some of the "Horror Stories" from guys who had fought in Afganistan talking about how they had seen "skinny/malnourished/weakling" Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters hit by multiple 5.56s and keep coming and how those Stoner SR-47 M4/AK Hybrids were Godsends. Well to me that P90 was a Godsend, and I'd take it over an M4 anyday! But yeah I can use an M4, but due to my particular duties I never used one, nor did I want to use one. I only used one when I had to qualify every so often. And sorry for seeming like a "Mall Ninja."

Semper Fi.
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