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I was going to say almost the exact same thing.

The Lyman 48th edition has a couple loads for the 480 Ruger, I just bought mine a few days ago and I think it was around 17 bucks.

You really do need to get an updated manual, 20 dollars isn't worth your life, or your gun for that matter.

I currently use 3 different manuals for reference, A Lyman 46th edition, and a 48th, then I have a Speer # 11 edition.
Next time Midway has another brand on sale, I'm going to get another one.

It never hurts to compare loads from different books, even from my small collection, some loads vary Greatly (as much as a grain or more) for the same bullet,case,powder, primer, etc.

If you're that strapped for cash, check out the local library, sometimes you can find what you need there.
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