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Get a manual.

Tomlj75--What's keeping you from getting a new manual? The data you get off the I'net are worth exactly what you pay for them. What you need are authoritative hard copy recipes, worked out by knowledgeable engineers with pressure guns.

It really screws up your weekend, making your beloved Old Betsy go Kaboom! proving that the PhD's really were right.

Most serious reloaders have a large, and constantly growing, collection of reference material. The major makers all put out for-free pamphlets of loads for new cartridges, which they then put into the next edition of their big for-sale manuals. Your local gun shop should have some of the pamphlets for the asking, and you can write the other makers for theirs.

But if you're doing reloading, I earnestly suggest that you DO want a new manual, better yet, 2-3 of 'em, always the latest edition.

A quickee way to go for a single caliber is Loadbooks, which collect load data from several sources in one book. Source: I think it is. Also available at your local shop or a gun show.
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