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Here's what I found in the Speer #11 manual for a Speer 180gr TMJ:

Note: This bullet was not originally intended for .357 Magnum revolvers although it has proven very successful when proerly loaded.
There are two methods for doing this. First, trim your cases to a maximum length of 1.180". and crimp in the cannelure. Second be sure cases do not exceed maximum of 1.275" (recommended trim length) and seat the bullet deeper and crimp over the shoulder. These two seating depths give a widely differing case capacity. Loads shown are for ech type of loading, Maximum loads differ and care must be excercised not to confuse them. These loadings give an overall length of less than SAAMI maximum cartridge length of 1.590" and should function in all revolvers adapted to shooting this heavy a load.

Cases Trimmed to 1.275" and crimped over the bullet shoulder, velocities from a S&W Model 28 6".

2400- Max 11.8 gr Velocity 1396
Starting 10.7 gr Velocity 912

Case trimmed 1.180" and bullet crimped in cennelure, velocties from a Dan wesson 8"

2400- Max 12.3 gr Velocity 1024
Starting 11.1 gr Velocity 868

*Note this data denotes the use of CCI #550 Magnum Primer

I don't see anything in 3 manuals about hollow points, let alone XTP's
Hope this helps!
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