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James K
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Old Western Scrounger ( has the ammo at $62.50 (!) a box of 50, also the dies.

I always tell owners of those pistols that they can use all that old ammo they have lying around for the U.S. Pistol, Caliber .30, Model of 1918. (A funny. The U.S. Pistol, Model of 1918 is the Pedersen device; the ammo is even scarcer than the French ammo, but the case dimensions are the same.)

Seriously, 7.65mm French pistol or .32 French Long cases are easily made from .32 S&W long cases by turning off the rim, cutting an extractor groove and trimming. Tedious, but not hard with a lathe. The French ammo has an OAL of 1.186", but a .32 ACP bullet can be used. The .32 ACP itself won't work.

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