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.38 special target loads

I am new to reloading. I would like to start with some nice light .38 special target loads.
My understanding is that this round can be a bit troublesome, due to the large case capacity. I have read that powder shifting in the case can cause dramatic pressure differences and effect accuracy.
What powder would you recommend that would come close to filling the case, so this problem can be minimized? I realize I have to stick to loads recommended in a manual, but I would appreciate a starting point, and not have to buy half a dozen powders to find one that would accomplish what I am looking for.
Another thought I had, (yes, I know thinking can be dangerous) is that using a magnum primer might help this situation, as it would more effectively "stir" the powder, or maybe just ignite more of it at once, and help reduce this problem.
I am considering 158 grain semi wadcutters as my bullet choice. Any other thoughts on that for a light recoil but accurate round?
Thanks for your help.

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