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Ever heard of this gun?

A guy just gave my father in law a gun to try out. On the side it says:

"Wilkinson Arms Model Linda 9mm Luger Carbine. Parma ID."

It is a semi automatic. The barrel is held on by a large knurled nut, and has a full length shroud around it. The stock is wood, with carving on it of eagles, and such. The shoulder stock is a metal tube, with a wood butt plate. It also has a shorter barrel with it, probably about 8" or 9". Looks like a 30 round magazine, that goes through the pistol grip. Looks very similar to a Beretta mag, but didn't have one with me to compare.

He was told that only about 600 of them were made, and they were very rare. It looked to be really well made, and was fairly hefty for it's size. He has not shot it yet, but thinks the guy is wanting to try and sell it to him.

I did find this from some searching:
It looks just like this, but with a heavier shrouded barrel. Barrel may have been a little longer than this one too. The wood was not to bad, and the carving was really pretty good. Don't know if it came with the carving, or if someone did that later.
Just looking for any info on it, and maybe a value too. Thanks!
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