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Regarding stun guns:

In my opinion,the primary value of a handheld stunner is as a psychological deterrent. The scary crackling and nasty-looking arcs of current ARE intimidating, especially if the object of the affection has never before been shocked, and has heard all sorts of horror stories about the effectiveness of stun guns. All of which means that the things are useless, since all of us who are dedicated to CCW realize that relying on the "intimidation factor" of any weapon is foolish unto the extreme. Sure,sometimes people get lucky. And anyone with any sense backs away from a determined looking person with a ready weapon. But violent assault is most often an irrational act,perpetrated by individuals whose motives are alien and abhorrent to our own. If an attacker suddenly develops a case of common sense, consider it a bonus. Besides,I once owned one,carried it in my back pocket, and sat on it by accident and zapped myself right on the tuckus. Got right back up in a hurry,too! Unpleasant sensation, butt hardly debilitating.
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