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if one trigger activated the other the atf would proabably say....

It was two shots from a single trigger cylcle even with the second being contacted by the first(since the first trigger never reset is my guess).....If the mechanism was something like the tac trigger attatchment from those hellfire gadgets(fires on the forward and backward travel of the trigger) which adds a second trigger in front of the first it would have to be legal.....What if the trigger was a loop ? The trigger could release the sear either by moving forward or backwards......The disconnector would hold the hammer until the gun is closed into battery and as you release the rearward preassure to reset the trigger a subsequent forward push would immeditately fire the second round......thus the need for the loopy trigger. Since the action of the gun would be far faster than you could cycle the weapon it would not fire out of battery(sp)(especialy with the way guns are designed to jam if not in bolt forward condition on hammer release AR-15). If you don't believe me try to fire faster than your ar-15 can handle(you will know when the bolt is locked against the hammer) and see which gives up first......

I know that it jams if not in battery from experience with hellfire trigger attatchments that sheared the head off one of my firing pins .

PS in your example imagine the second trigger is just a button that is contacted on the full rearward travel and the first shot was released halfway along the cycle. That would be one trigger pull operating both shots with no reset on the trigger(ie one pull) :barf: I would be willing to bet money on that interpretation from the BATF......
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