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Off topic???

maybe someday we alll may realise that no matter how many ways this crooked government finds to limit, tax, and oppress us, until enough armed well armed citizens angrily convey the message that "We will NOT accept the trampling of our rights!", They will never stop abusing the power to do it.

A well regulated malitia nowadays makes one think of deranged psychopaths stalking through the wilderness with machineguns shooting at anything that moves. This is mainly due to government social conditioning efforts and countless links of guns and criminal violence incidents portrayed by the major media networks.
Sorry for the mini-rant. I'll try to keep my pre-slumber rambles to a minumum.

God I can see the Californian in those two paragraphs.

If its for sale in CA, that two trigger system that your talking about would probably be decaired an assault weapon and therefore be banned like every other gun that could pose a semi threat to anything bigger than a gopher.
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