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David DiFabio
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As Rich noted while it is a great idea the costs for even a small number of tests as described are well beyond the reach of normal research. We spend a tremendous amount of money each year performing vast amounts of testing both commercially and privately underwritten. Given that we are purchasing resources in large volume and having a well established testing process running thousands of rounds the average cost remains at right around the $400 per round of handgun ammunition tested and $490 per round of rifle ammunition tested given a basic documentation/photo package which does not include frame/frame video. Testing at range i.e. 50/100/200+ yard impacts is also extraordinarily difficult and a recent Black Hills 5.56mm test program using real 100 yard impacts, not reduced velocity downloads took over 11 hours to setup and calibrate before we could begin the actual tests needed.

In all honesty when it comes down to it the larger makers (ATK-Federal/Speer, Remington, Winchester) and specialty makers like Black Hills are producing very good products and the differences are not that significant to justify the expense unless you have specific reasons or needs to do so eg. legal or large purchase potential. Of course there are always new "super" bullets but these days by and large most cosumers in this industry can spot the claims in the ads.
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