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I like the M60 (when they run) but I'd much prefer a 240. Lets face it, the pig is a disposable gun - whats the recommended service life; 75krds? 100krds? By comparison, the 240 is a beast - heavy steel sideplate gun like a 1919 that can go hundreds of thousands of rounds. I met a guy at a gunshow fresh out of the army and he joked that the only time he saw a 240 break and unable to fire was on a jump when a strap came lose and it dropped to the ground from about a half mile up.

I came across a good deal and almost bought an M60 last year, but decided on getting an MG42/MG3 instead. Just a more sturdy and reliable design than the M60. Like I said, I like the '60 for its looks and when they run, but they definitely have their issues. Which model were you shooting?

I'm still looking at possibly buying an M60, but with the price of parts (on the civilian market) I'm starting to consider an HK21/21E clone instead. I'd still rate the 240 above them all, with the MG42/MG3 running in second place. When I bought my 42/3, I could have had a MAG58/M240 instead if it wasn't a good $40-50,000 more than I was prepared to spend.
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