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That sounds like a good breeder and a great dog, AF - I'm sure you'll enjoy him for a long time to come. She's certainly a lot better and more thoroughly than most breeders. That kind of hunting/working empasis is what I'm looking for. I have one dog with bad hips though (who was supposedly from a "top" breeder), so I'm careful about requiring OFA (hip/elbow) certifications now. Perhaps CERF cert. is not as important with Vizslas, if they have no history of eye problems, however. The ownership contract just shows a general level of seriousness and good "breeder-ship", even if it has no practical effect on you (however, having a non-neutered male CAN have a practical effect, in that it's gonna be chasin neighborhood bitches in heat, obviously!). Thanks again for your wisdom - I'm looking forward to getting a Versatile Hunting breed; probably Vizsla!
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