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I can't do nothin' lest I be out of uniform.

I am a United States Marine and proud of it! But, as a member of the armed forces, I am barred from interfering/participating in any civilian law enforcement action. However if out of my MARPAT or dress attire, I feel as if I could offer a countermeasure to a potential or active BG.

Though, I'm sure that a uniformed Marine aiming a .45 at ones cranium and commanding said BG to drop his or her firearm might be more intimidating than a Police Officer or even a private citizen performing the same action. I don't mean to offend anyone, but, it's known that a lot of cops can't shoot for crap, and the marksmanship of the average citizen may be questionable to the casual observer, but we all know what a Marine can do.

As I stated before I mean no offense to anyone, I'm just sayin'. Also I've been thinking of reenlisting in the Corps and maybe retraining as a Designated Marksman or something like that. Going from being behind the 120mm on an M1 to being behind an M14 is a big switch huh?
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