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FF, I'm afraid I only dealt with one breeder, and she was here in Arizona. I asked someone who had a Vizsla, and they recommended Marge Mehagian. Several hits on the web indicated she had bred numerous champion caliber dogs, so I went with her. Even so, she does not meet your stringent criteria, but I am not so sure how many would.

For everyone else who might be interested in a Vizla, particularly in the SouthWest, I will give a run-down of my experience.

Both parents were AKC registered and certifed. Indeed, they were "titled" champions of various sorts. There was a one-year health guarantee. There was a guarantee with respect to "conformity". There was a contract with the breeder; we cannot "nip" ol' Hussar's 'nads without consultation and permission (just in case she wants to breed him), and if we cannot keep him, he goes back to the Marge. The birthing was attended by a vetinarian, and she has a long-standing relationship with this vetinary office. Shots, deworming, etc. are peformed aggresively, and the puppies were well-taken cared of. We got Hussar at two months.

There was no statement of priorites per se, but I will tell you we told her our priority was a hunting animal first, and a companion second. She does tests on the puppies to see which ones are the "birdiest" (basically, who's interested in the bird wing). Hussar went pretty crazy over it. We basically got the pick of the litter in that respect, as we wanted a male and a hunter; the rest of the waiting list had other gender preferences and priorities. Apparently quite a few people pick this breed for companionship. However, our breeder is president of the local Vizla club, and it does have a great emphasis on hunting. It sponsors training, field trials, and assists owners with raising a good pointing dog.

Piles of puppy poop notwithstanding , we are having a good experience with our bundle of joy.
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