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Oh no, it will be a few years before I get the Vizsla; I just want to begin the search for the best breeders now. I have 4 dogs, and my "limit" is 3, so I'll have to wait until a couple of my current ones are no longer in this world before I can handle another family member, and make sure I have the time to HUNT TRAIN and EXERCISE a great dog like a Vizsla. But I'm thinking that is the best breed for me, with Weimaraners a close second. Being slightly smaller and longer-lived than the Weimaraner is what makes the Vizsla a little more appealing as a breed, to me. Brittanys are great dogs, too, though!

Airedale terriers were originally bred SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of hunting river otters in England. So I'm not sure how adaptable otter hunting skills are to other types - i.e. would they point, etc.
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