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What you're asking is quite least for SWAT and probably for most small Nation-States. Let's look at the request:
...what will it do when shot through the windshield and, if it gets to the gel block, how far will it penetrate...etc at 25, 50, 75 yards and farther?
Have you any idea how many windshields and gel blocks would be required just to compare two bullets of one caliber? How many times you'd have to repeat for each to be able to say anything authoritative?

Such as 20-24" AR-15's & 700Rem's, Patrol handguns, 9mm-40sw Patrol carbines, H&K MP5's, FN p90's...etc...etc...etc. that are used on patrol officer as well as by Designated Marksmen and SWAT Teams.
Remind me again....X how many different bullet designs, weights and manufacturers?

they need to buy what they, and the department, are told by the manufacturers and read in magazines, are the best of the best.
The uninformed leading the lazy. If we had this answer, I'd much prefer to do the following definitive articles:
- What's the BEST .338 round for Elk?
- What's BEST, a Glock or a 1911?
- What's BEST, a Mig 29 or an F16?
I was just wanting something that is more than a "typical" gun, ammo and penetration test/review that the majority of gun mags do.
Make that "Gun Rags". Gun Rags do this type of "testing". SWAT doesn't....for the reasons stated above.

They should be able to have the info on ammunition that is more than likely going to kill the bad guy, and get them home to see their kids
So would I. If there were a magic bullet, I assure you it'd be noticed. But, now you're no longer asking for penetration on inanimate objects. The study you request has now moved into the need for live human targets. I think that may be beyond our budget. Maybe next year.

If asking for more in-depth honest testing that is not tainted with free perks by the manufacturers for a positive review, is too much to ask, then I guess I'll keep on thumbing through the magazines, without buying them, while I wait on a prescription to be filled.
I believe you. You're a discriminating reader who currently subscribes to no GunZines. I simply don't think our expenditure on a few hundred thousand or a million (to prove nothing) is going to produce the one feature that will cause you to fork over that hard earned $26.95 for a "prescription".

We don't mind browsers at all. Please continue to "thumb" at the news stand or book store. Given your personal requirements, I doubt you'll be happy actually paying for a magazine.....especially not SWAT, given our reputation for being easily "tainted with free perks by the manufacturers".

Best of luck in your quest for the information you seek.
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