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More in-depth testing wanted

Please forgive me if this topics has been brought up before. I would like to see a shootout between different ammo that's NOT in bare or clothed gel alone or paper targets.

No...I'm not talking about shooting criminals or goats. What I would like to see is the results of real life scenarios that involve various bullets against different media.

Like what? Well, how about:

1) Various weight .223 police rounds like TAP, for example, being shot through windshields, door panels, tempered glass doors and walls---Similar to the Cali hostage situation where the bullet shattered the glass but didn't do anything else--brick, etc. I know that many reviews are done that shoot into several pieces of wall board, old car doors, etc.. but they don't shoot into ballistic gel to show what happens after the bullets travel through the material.

2) Various handgun caliber's with the same tests.

3) Various frangible bullets shot into the same material and ballistic gel alone. Yeah...I know what frangible means but I've also shot an old car window with one, 223 PMC GREEN, at 50 yards and it shattered like you wouldn't believe.

I know that it won't go through many materials found in cars and homes but will it travel through car seats? How about clothes at med 50yrds to long range(100yrds)? I've killed groundhogs with them at close to 100yrds. What will it do to a human that is wearing several layers of close? I know they won't be happy, but how much damage will it cause? I would like to know.

I'll be honest with you in that I don't subscribe to any gun magazines, like I used to. In the past I usually had 2-3 gun mags in the mail a month but they all started to be the same. All ads, boring reviews that all sounded the same and nothing really remotely able to be used as information.

I have read a few SWAT mags and I was rather surprised in the articles but they still didn't have any testing that I consider usable. At least the few I read. They were very well written though.

What I, and I suppose I'm not alone here, would like to see are not accuracy tests on paper, bare and clothed ballistic tests that were shot at 20 yards, results of shooting into bags filled with water, chunks of fiber board lined up in a row to see how many the bullets travel through..etc. I want to see 100yrd, 200yrd and further test results. Obviously with rifle calibers, and the car, home...etc medium with HG ammo.

What I would like to see is REAL WORLD results and tests that the guns and ammunition may be subjected to. Yeah a tiny 5 shot hole in a target is impressive, a cross section of ballistic gel is nice, but what did that bullet do when shot into a windshield at a kidnapper? Did it go through and kill him? Did it shatter the glass and lose enough velocity that when it hit the perp it just bruised him and pissed him off? Will it deflect and hit an innocent bystanders or other officer?

I hope I didn't step on any toes about this. I would just like to find a gun magazine that isn't like all the rest and shows more in-depth tests and reviews on what works and what doesn't.

If need be, I'll do the testing with supplied ammo and "toys" for free.
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