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Combative Carbine Skills

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, LLC
March 19-20, 2005
Las Vegas, NV

Two full days of intermediate-level carbine work. The focus of this course is on high performance operation of an urban rifle during armed conflict. Concepts and shooting methods taught will apply across the board to homeowners defending their families, law enforcement officers serving in patrol or SWAT functions, and military personnel issued M-16/M4 style arms. Course topics include Combative Gun-Handling, Reactive Movement, Multiple Threat Response, Tactical Movement, Barricade Tactics, Carbine Combatives, transfers & bilateral weapon operation, Shooting-On-The-Move, Extended-Range Engagement, Combative and Unconventional Shooting Positions, handgun transition drills, and CQB applications. Training will feature realistic tactical targets, reactive steel targets, and outdoor simulator/donga course exercises. Prerequisites for this course include Defensive Carbine Operator OR an equivalent program of instruction received from a credible organization. Attend this course and Defensive Carbine Operator on March 18 for a package price of $450.00. Enrollment deadline is March 11, 2005. For more information or to register, contact PFC.

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