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AF, great! Can you post or PM me some of the best Vizsla breeders in the US and Canada, if you know. I found a bazillion of them, but it's hard to find really good ones. I want a short list of breeders that at a minimum:

1. Do OFA and CERT certifications on all parents of litters (all dogs)
2. Have a 3 year+ health guarantee
3. Require ownership contracts
4. Specifically state their breeding priorities as follows: Hunting/working ability, health, temperament, and lastly conformation/body structure qualities, in that order.

IOW, a *serious* breeder that loves the breed and thier working ability more than money. And I'd be particularly interested in a breeder that thoroughly socializes for you and starts puppies on lead training, as well as offers hunt training services. Preferably in the southern or midwestern US.

Ditto Weimaraners.

PS. "Hussar" sounds like a handful!

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