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It would appear that the Weimaraner and the Vizsla are physical, and tempermental, cousins of sorts. Indeed, I was considering a Weimaraner initially in my quest for a hunting dog, but wasn't sure if anyone was actually hunting them anywhere on theNorth American continent.

As far as teaching, because of the nature of bird hunting here in Arizona (quail, chukar, some pheasant), I'll be teahing him (amd me!) to point first.

I have a fantasy of making him into a "lion" dog someday, but I guess I would need a pack of Vizslas first.

When that day comes, I'll let everybody know. Look for further posts from me soliciting advice about huntings dogs. In the meantime, Hussar is a great, affectionate companion, AKA "The Prince of Poop" and "Puddin'head" when he gets into things he's not supposed to.
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