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Sten Tube Gun Repair

I own a Taylor tube gun that shoots like six feet to the left. I remedied the situation by mounting an optic on the gun so I had adjustable sights. (
At a local machine gun match, a couple people mentioned to me that there were companies that I could send this gun to, who would disassemble the thing and put it together so everything is straight etc.
I honestly never took the time to try to figure out why it shoots to the left, but was thinking that it might be worth it to try and get it fixed.
Actually, after putting together one of those HK G3 kits, I realized that taking that Sten apart would be similar to removing the cut receiver by breaking the welds etc. on that HK. Maybe I could do something with it myself ?

Do you think it would be worth messing with ?
I almost never shoot the gun.
I would hate to risk damaging the tube by screwing around with it myself.
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