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You need a Vizsla....

AKA, the Hungarian Pointer. He fits the bill exactly.

Originating in the Middle Ages, they were bred and used by the nobility for hunting of all types. Today, they point and retrieve; back then, they hunted deer and boar for the gentry. I'll see if I can "trail" game with mine, after we get the pointing and retrieving down. They don't mind water, either, as long as its not TOO cold.

They have a very short coat, and are prized here in Arizona as a good hot-weather hunter. (They look like a reddish-brown, perhaps golden-brown, Weimareiner). They are not a very vocal (barking) breed.

They love "their" people, and while not having any reputation of fierceness, are very protective, and make good watch dogs. They are a medium-large breed, with males reaching to aroung 60 pounds, females 50 or so.

They have incredible energy, so they may not be for everyone who does not have the time for them. Mine gets along just fine with the Border Collie mix and the Persian cat (who still rules this roost, trust me).

Do a little Internet research, you'll find a few sources. You're not likely to find this breed at your local Petsmart, though.
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