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Harry is 69 and I am 72+. I agree with him completely, but what do we know? My last duty weapon was a 1927 Systima remodeled to my specs. It had tritium sights front and rear by Meprolite that fit the standard dovetail. It was very comforting to see those two little beady eyes in my holster at 0200 on Graveyard Shift.
I have a 1911 GI LW that has a Wilson Front tritium just because it was here in the Junk Box. It also has a black four way Caspian on the rear with no dots. It is a work in progress as I may want to retire my 1954 LW Commander that I carry daily.
Harry, old age and treachery will outwit youth and skill every time! I can't hit anything with dot sights and I do not worry about it. In a gunfight, you never see them. I think everyone should get what they want and can afford.
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