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Dear Shooter:
I've changed my mind about sights on a defensive combat handgun, especially 1911 and clones. I used to want night-sights on all my handguns (semi-autos') After experience the LAST thing I want on a defensive handgun are sights with dots, epoxy or tritium, on front and rear.
I take a perfectly good Novak lo-mount, run through the rear notch with a 3/8" ball end mill and make what I call a "ghost ring" sight, black in the back and on the front, a white or tritium dot with white outline around the tritium. Tritium is good if you can also see it in daytime - at night, after you've identified the bad guy, front sight, front-sight, front sight!
The last thing I want at 69 are a bunch of dots to line up, taking PRECIOUS time from my shot! The ghost ring is only good for our supposed 7 yard senario; past that, especially on a P-12 (which I often carry) you need that rear notch!
The best sights you can have on a combat 45 are FIXED, sighted in at 25 yards.
Also, I tend to carry "hard-ball" the year round now; hollow points tend to fill up with coat and jacket material in winter and act like hard-ball rounds. In summer, if you must carry a golden saber, or hydro-shock. That Golden Saber is a mean bugger! On airliners Glaser is real good.
Sorry for rambling on and on and on!!! We are finding that "gun-fight" ranges are increasing in range!
A tip. Works most of time Most bad guys can't shoot for &%^&*%. When they reach for gun, step to left as you draw; they hopefully will flinch low and to the left! Worked so far; things go very, very fast! Harry

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