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My insurance agent warned me that lab owners have the highest liability rates as far as law suits go. He said when someone breaks into a home that has a lab as a guard dog they tend to trip over the sleeping Lab in the hallway. The resulting lawsuit by the prowler for injuries recieved in the fall causes your insurance rates to go up.
LOL. I was having problems understanding the recommendations for a lab as a protective animal till I got here. I LOLed. That sounds like a Lab to me.

I love labs too. Ours wouldn't point though. Other than that he was great for waterfoul and upland hunting. Crisscrossed back and forth in front of us nearly perfectly the first time we had him out, he just knew. I figured we'd have to train a lab to do this but it wasn't an issue.

Personally, I think you need two dogs. The first dog I'd get would be either a lab or a golden retriever, depending on which type of hunting you do the most, and then get a second dog for the homeland security thing.

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