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Does my handgun technique sound right?

OK, I will admit that I've never had a shooting lesson in my life, and have only been shooting for a couple months now, but I HAVE read a lot on the subject on the internet. Naturally I realize that only so much can be gleaned by reading alone, but let me describe to you how I shoot.

I use the Weaver stance and do a strong-arm-push, weak-arm-pull while aiming the gun (recently acquired 9mm and .45ACP). I grip the gun almost as tightly as I can - no shaking -, and take a normal breath and hold it while sloooowly squeezing the trigger. My eye is on the front sight, with the target being slightly out of focus in the distance. I have turned my back while a friend chooses whether or not to put a cartridge in the gun. I figured that by doing this I could tell whether or not I am flinching on the pulls that do not have a cartridge chambered. There is no flinching, just a click. Actually, I surprised myself a LOT when I first started shooting handguns a few months ago. At 50ft, I was hitting the paper on all my shots with the 9mm and have gotten better since then. I'm now getting 6 - 7 inch groups with the .45 at 50ft.

The thing is that my arms are getting very tired at the end of the shooting sessions - 50 rounds or so. Am I doing the push-pull thing too hard? I am in good physical shape....exercising 3X a week, but I'm wondering if you all get fatigued as well. Sorry such a loooong post. Thanks.

If there's anything else you can add to help my technique, it'd be appreciated. Are there any links you can provide that go through step-by-step? I just got the information a little here and a little there.
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