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I bought a bag of 2000 once fired range brass and got them home only to discover that nice Glock primer swipe and when I measured the cases 75% were way over usuable spec and some had a bulge at the web near the point of KABOOM. I ended up heaving all of them, and now just buy new 40 brass for my 40's, as I do not shoot a nonsupported 40 so I can reuse my brass. That is the 1 downfall of the Glock 40's and from what I've heard the 45's are also unsupported, only the 9mm Glocks from what I'm told are suppoerted. You are making a wise decision getting an aftermarket barrel, it would be wise to assure the new barrel has a supported chamber. I gave up on used 40S&W brass as there is so much waste in throwaways and time invested sorting the brass I just get new from midway, midway also sells once fired range brass in volume.
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