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Austin Charles
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Load the 40

I have loaded thousands of 40 and as long as you stay in the book you'll be fine.

I have seen a KB with factory ammo. Never reloaded so as I said stay a little down from max and load away.

I get my brass from Brass Man.

I like Montana Gold JHP 165 for my 27 & 23.

Just use your head and check your brass, I have right now on 1000 cases ( 8 ) times fired in the 40 and i'm going untill I see some signs

I have fired max and powder puffs out of these 1000 cases. I have found (3) that have had small splits. So I tossed them. These came in the 3-4 reload, have not seen anymore over preasure signs yet.

Winchester 231 and Power Pistol,WSF and VV I like the best in 40. I hate Unique for anything :barf:

Now get to reloading, spring is almost here
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