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I think there is too much Hype with reloading for Glocks. Many of us have reloaded 40 without an after market barrel. I reload for my G-35 and it's stock Glock barrel without problems. I use RCBS carbides and have not found the need to use a Lee FDC.

I also believe MOST reloaders who do run into problems try to make the 40 something it is not. I don't use max loads, but I don't do this on any thing I load for anyways. If a guy keeps his head in the daylight, I don't think it's any more tricky than any other pistol.

I do know a guy who has had problems with 2 Glocks. He was taught to go right to the max load without working up. First one went away after not making sure his powder throw was completely empty of a fast buring powder when he switched calibers. It cost him a new frame.

The second one costs him $30.00 + in parts when he loaded right at max. There is some variation in the throw to start with and I don't think he left any margine for error. I know I stop working up when I find things good enough and have not come even close to max loads, I mean if it ain't fun why go up any more. I have since reenforced the idea that you have to work up loads with the guy.

Power Pistol seems to work pretty good in 40. You might find problem with Win primers as there seems to be a QC problem with the new brass colored primers. I use CCI and have not had any problems with the Glock liking them.
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