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Once fired brass and the Glock

Hi guys,

What a place looks like some of you guys have it as bad as I do.

It's nice to find a place where you can discuss the minutia of reloading with someone who actually doesn't roll their eyes when the subject comes up.

OK, first question.

I want to reload 40 S&W for my 23. I have looked all over for a decent batch of once fired brass. Lot's of once fired brass out there, but I am a little concerned about reloading brass that has been shot thru a Glock due to the factory barrel not fully supporting the case.

I have read many posts here about the topic. Seems that some of you do reload brass shot from factory barrels, others have replaced their barrels.

I will be replacing the factory barrel with a good aftermarket in the next week or so. My dilemma has been where to find a good quantity of once fired brass that doesn't have a bunch of bulged cases in the mix.

Most of the local shows have 40 once fired by the boat loads. Upon examination, at best, the mfr mix is all over the place, many have bulged case heads and in reality, probably 20% would end up in the trash after sorting.

As a last resort I can buy virgin, but that really increases the cost of reloads. I know it is the only sure way to know a history of a batch, but damn, surely not everyone who shoots a 40 uses a factory Glock barrel.

Any sources for once fired without a ton of rejects included in every bag ?

I plan on using Hornady 180 JHP's, Titegroup and Winchester primers. I am trying to keep my powder to one or two unless/until I find a spectacular load. At this point Titegroup gets the nod for economy and clean burning. I may go to an AA #5 or 7 or ?? as experimentation dictates.

Any suggestions ?


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