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There are contacts that you can wear overnight. Some people can do it; it bothers others. If you are interested in that, make sure to tell your optometrist when you go for the exam. Some contacts are made for overnight, some are not. There is a tendency to make your eyes very dry and upon waking, some people have to add some lubricating drops almost immediately. So "being awakened" in the middle of the night you may find it as difficult to see an intruder as it would be without the contacts in. Once again, it depends on the person. Many optometrists recommend against overnight usage for the reasons posted above. Much greater risk of infection! However, if you do choose to do so, at least take them out once a week and soak them in disinfecting solution over night. Your eyesight is nothing to play around with.
Lasik surgery is a great alternative for a lot of people. Particularily if your prescription is in the -2.00 to -5.00 range. From what I understand some insurances will even help cover now. But do your homework; ask around and get a good optomologist. Don't just go for the cheapest.
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