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My vision isn't great either, and without corrective lenses I could not accurately identify targets at a distance. When I have to work/qualify/train, I wear my contacts, but keep an emergency set of glasses on me. At home, I have a special pair of glasses by the night stand (see bellow) and I am very confident with the arrangement.

As for contacts you sleep in... well I was originally told by a doctor that I could sleep in my current ones. Even though this was a while ago with the original contact lenses, I didn't enjoy the feeling of dryness my eyes had in the morning. However another doctor told me that it is not reccommended to sleep with contacts at all. Enzymes build up on the lenses making them cloudy, and eventually very dry (and easier to fall out). Also the dirt that collects in the lenses can build up and cause infections. This actually happened to my brother and he was not able to wear his contacts for two weaks! Of course this was a while ago, so if new contacts are made for that purpose, them more power to ya!

I have considered getting laser surgery to correct my vision, but have decided against it for now. I know many people who have had it done, some of which are LEO's and have had great success, but I still held off on the idea until more long-term studies are done. That being said, don't let me discourage the idea for you because I took the time to look for reasons NOT to have surgery.

I know you want to avoid the glasses entirely, but if I may, I do have a very good recommendaion... in my opinion at least OAKLEY...

I used to sell oakleys, and to this day, i refuse to put anything infront of me otherwise. Now i will be the first to state the obvious, they are expensive. However they are worth every penny. They pride themselves in making the most shatter-proof lenses around, and they should considering that they make F-15 fighter jet cannopies with similar methods.

Oh God I'm becoming a rep again... anyway ...Take a look at their webite and particularly at the M-Frame models and the Half-Jackets. These are the Lance Armstrong-style glasses that many LEO's and military wear. You can get interchangeable lenses in any shade or color or simply clear. You can also get perscription lenses made. The reason i suggest the M-Frames is because the arms extend far passed the ears and hold firmly against your head. I wear them on my motorcycle or even at the range (check out the shooting array lenses).

I also suggest a company called Rudy Project. Some models, such as the Pycoon (I believe) have an amazing feature. The arms are made of metal wrapped in rubber, and can be bent into any shape to secure to your head!

I hope this helps with the sheep counting, and I'm sure you'll find a comfortable solution.
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