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What got me in - a sincere desire to serve my fellow man... Really.

12 years later I realized my family was more important and I had to make enough money to support them.

But I still believe in the original for some reason and continue working as a reserve.

What got me the job in the first place was an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and the fact that I had applied for the several local PDs as well as the SO and had over sixty other application around the country. My grades were good and I was physically capable - the guys knew me and that I was a trustworthy capable sort. So I had proven by my own actions that I really wanted the job and was going to find a way into the feild somewhere. It was just a matter of time before one of them picked me up. Luckily it was my howetown SO - I didn't want to leave and they didn't want to miss me.
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