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Great question....

In my case - I entered the Delayed Entry Program of the USAF. That meant I had my job slot secured when I started my 12th grade year. It also meant I had to mind my manners my last year in high school. I did and I entered the Air Force. I guess tradition in my family was part of service to country so that was part. My great uncle was a great person, he was an MP in WWII and served in both theater's. So I guess he inspired me too. I know he was real proud of me when I finished 6 months of training in Texas. I always liked helping those in peril or those who couldn't for what ever reason help themself. So that was what drew me into both military and police work.

Like any profession the person wanting to enter it should research all the good and all the bad that go with it. Sure, Hollywood shows one hour of non stop action. It isn't that way in the LE that I know and knew.... hours of inactive - lethargic calm........... interrupted by total crazy, unthinkable, stress filled madness. It is not for many.......and those whom pick this job often ask themself..... what in the h*** was I thinking..... BUT.... a rewarding and interesting job it is.....

I am no longer in law enforcement but my sister is...
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