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I use to think about this type of situation. I decided that should it happen, I would do nothing..unless the guy shot the clerk..or someone else. He would have to initiate the violence(i mean actually hurting someone). Honestly, I dont know the clerk, I could probably care less about him/her. I would primarily be concerned about myself and any family/friends with me. They would be my first concern..if I thought he/they posed a danger to us..I would secure my family, as best as possible, if they became aware of us, I would initiate the offensive. I feel bad for the clerk in this scenario, but perhaps they should have been armed, not that would negate his predicament. I will not open myself for any liability for anyone I do not know. I gave this scenario great thought after walking into my usual stop/store immediately after an armed robbery(knife brandished). I had become friendly with the clerk, nice guy, we agreed on many things, etc...I would have taken the shot on that bad guy. If I'd had the chance...poor clerk's been robbed twice before. Said he wished he could someday fight back..not for the store/money, but for the fear they put into him. Damn shame.
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