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No, No, No and no

I shoot 44 special, 45 ACP, and 45 Long colt. All with lead.
Its cheeper and as long as you stay in the correct bullet volicities leadings no problem, I have one MOD 24 Smith and wesson in 44 sp thats had over 5000 rounds of lead through it, and it has little lead in the bore. The other guns work fine with lead. 44 mag or 357 mag is not a problem as long as you use a gas check at the base of the bullet, otherwise mag pressures can really lead up your gun.
Yes there is a problem shooting a lot of lead indoors but with correct venelation its not that big of a problem.
Out doors its not a problem. The other thing is that lead bullets can be recycled. The one out door range that I shoot at the man that owns it makes bullets for a living. everything we shoot into his backstop will some day go back into another case to be shot again.
Just melt, and make another bullet again.
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