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Canoecrasher opined, . . . "Many CCW holders choose to carry revolvers".

Although there is a relatively small chance any of us will ever be in any shoot out, . . . this is the type of scenario that is becoming all too common. Very few weeks go by that we don't see where 2, 3, 4 or more assailants take down one victim, . . . usually with deadly results.

In total preference, I would any day prefer a blued 4 inch Python. Trouble is, it won't take care of this situation like my 1911 with an 8 shot mag and one in the tube. Six rounds is bare minimum for 4 perps, . . . 9 is a whole lot better, . . . and two more 8 round mags, . . . makes the scenario better for me, at least IMHO.

Say, Winterbourne, I like your verbal command in this scenario. DA or no DA, it would go down like that in Ohio for me also, . . . I can't hardly walk and chew gum at the same time, . . . shooting and commanding probably won't work either.

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