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4 guys chased you with weapons and are closing in..

and cutting off retreat?
Draw and Aim now! BTN (between the nipples) of the nearest or one with most immediately dangerous weapon.
While drawing. Firmly loudly 'Stop Now'
Quickly and firmly and loudly 'Leave that way Now' (Pointing or head nod) To give you a safer direction to exit and firmly and confidently take command of the situation.

At the sight of the handgun 999 times out of a 1000 they will immediately stop and leave.

Failure to stop ... immediately light up the nearest or perceived most dangerous one quickly followed by the others who did not comply. Second helpings as appropriate.

At 50 ft, IMHO, the number of perps, their behavior, the secluded location and their weapons negates any serious consideration of the 21 ft so called rule. If all 4 charged, you would be lucky to get more than 2 before they contacted you.

Same deal with or without the child present. The kid is potentially a fatal distraction for you -- stay 100% with the situation.
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