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What kind of question is that?..........seriously!

Are you really a marine or do you just play one on t.v.? No offense intended but that is a silly question for a marine to ask or Uncle Sam has sum splainin' to do(best Ricki Ricardo voice)! That is like a police man asking a citizen ,"Hey, is my safety on?" about his on DUTY WEAPON. Just don't seem right. Oh well......You only need to use the charging handle when you initially prepare to fire(chambering the first round) or if clearing a failure of some sort(a failure to fire). After the last round is fired from a magazine the bolt catch should hold the bolt open(to the rear); allowing you to drop the first mag; insert a second mag;and (with rifle pointing in a safe direction!)slap the bolt release(left side; opposite mag release) with your off-hand(finger off trigger as the rifle is now ready to fire ).(quote)"Do I have to chamber a round with the T-charging handle when reloading my M4? I want to buy one." Do you HAVE or "want to buy" an M4?
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