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I agree with all of the above, but let me point out something that happened to me that I would have told you would not have. I do practice with my carry weapon...even shot some IPSC courses weekly for a I can shoot accuratly under a little stress...But a buddy one time who is a training officer allowed me the privilage of going through some F.A.T.S. training...just for the fun of it. Well, it is in a dark room, and I was faced with various situations...some of which messed with my mind...shoot or not? As I progressed (he started out easy and I was "doing fine taking out the perps)...then it got harder...he was raising his voice, making me nervous...I was sweating...I walked up to a vehicle in one scene and guy popped out of the trunk of the car with a shotgun...I shot six times at about 10 yards and missed evry shot...I was dead. The point is that when I was pretty scared, (you really get into this with the big screen and all the souind etc.) I could not shoot accuratly...I need to practice more...maybe we all do.
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