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One thing I see that has not been mentioned is the fact that I have a handgun. That still makes this a gunfight and four BGs at that distance with or without any weapons makes me wonder what happens to me and the little one IF they get close enough to get it away from me.

Seven yards with one armed person is dangerous enough. I would want to start loud verbal commands for them to stop before they get that close. Regardless, I'm going to shoot first and answer questions later.

I carry a GLOCK 23 off duty. Worse case, I would have 10 rounds to use and that would be barely enough for this situation IF everything went my way. If not, the first two are going to be DOA, the third guy is going to have a couple in him to think about, but number four bothers me. I’ve engaged three targets during training several times and do okay (keep in mind they aren’t running at me either).

Wait a minute, I got the only three people in the building to attack me from seven yards and I believe the first two would be DOA, but number three was so close each time that I could hardly swing my weapon in his direction.

There’s going to be a horrible fight at that point and it’s going to take real determination to win it. Having my daughter behind me is going to have a motivating affect on the positive, dominate, mental attitude I would need in this situation.

Anyway, I agree with the person that said that working through these things in our head increases our ability to survive them and thank you for giving me that chance today.
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