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if i carried a wheel gun i would shoot the closest ones until they drop and stop wiggling... 2-3 rounds each. IF i ran out of ammo and the others were still approaching which seems highly unlikely..... i would resort to other tactics and begin a different sequence of combat... perhaps picking up one of the weapons that the once alive attackers were carrying... or maybe a folding blade can of mace etc.... and fight until i was the victor or i was dead... by this time hopefully the child will have ran as fast as he/she can to safety of somekind....

but this is why i dont carry a wheelgun =) i love them dont get me wrong... their great for target shooting and such.. and theres nothing quite like the feel of a super red hawk spitting out some hot .44 mags but the only use i find for a wheelgun as far as CCW is for a BUG. which would probably be a lightweight 5 shot .38 or something similar so long as its nice and small...
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