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I read your premise...

...and I imagined that scenario with me and my grandson. It made me
very uncomfortable.

To answer the questions the way you asked, Here goes:
When the kid starts running, I run after him, catch him, and keep
him beside me. I don't think he could run fast enough to completely get away from me. I don't think.

When I hear and feel the bad guys approaching, I break out the gun,
make a QUICK evaluation of the situation, and if I feel threatened,
I shoot a "Bad Guy" in the gut. No talk, no 'warning', no B.S.
Just "BOOM"!

Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility, and I certainly don't take it lightly. But if I have any kind of clue that a child's life may be in
danger, and I may be able to help, that gun comes out post-haste,
people get shot, if necessary, consequences be damned.

In short, I'll do what I think is right and take my chances with a jury.
If I live through the shoot-out.
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