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Brandishing or no brandishing, that kids safety would be the only thing on my mind, especially if the bg's were all guys and the child is a girl.

Four individuals spreading out to cut off my movement, . . . especially if I am in a blind corner/alley/etc., . . . spells life threatening situation in a New York minute.

Their actions have been far more than enough discussion, . . . it is time for action or I am going to be hurt.

I'm in a corner, putting the child behind me, I'm pulling that weapon, and if doing so was not enough warning/threat/information for the bg's, the first round out the muzzle will let them know without a doubt what my intent is. That round will come out just as soon as I lock onto the nearest one.

Allowing any of them within 20 feet (in a corner, no escape, . . . nahhhhhh!).

Unholster and shoot, . . . let the LEO and DA worry about the legalities. My life and my child's life were threatened, . . . open and shut from my perspective.

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