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Here is the dilemma: They do not know you are armed, but there are many of them. If you wait until they are 7 yards away, you could not possibly get them all. If you start shooting when they are still 50 feet away, is it justified?
With 4 potential BG's approaching, cutting off all viable exit points and brandishing, I would consider that grounds to use lethal force even from 50 feet away. Sounds like there's clearly no where else to go; the opportunity (being outnumbered) and their intent (brandishing) are both present. If I were in this situation, I would most likely verbally command them to cease their advance and draw/fire if they don't comply.

Would you stand in the corner, between the young-un and the BGs, and shoot? Or would you pick him/her up (compromising your ability to shoot somewhat) and try to run through one BG, possibly shooting him in the process? Or would you try something else?
Between the young-un and the BG's. Engage closest threats first.

Would it be different if they were not brandishing weaponry? How?
Not too much different if they weren't brandishing. They still have intent and opportunity if they are advancing to surround me. Within that distance being outnumbered by that ratio still justifies lethal force, at least in PA.

Hope it helps.
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